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Non Chloride Mgo Board Technology

Non Chloride Mgo Board Technology

Traditional mgo board just has been around for over 20 years but people find more and more problems due to the quality uneven,because different factory have different standard in China.Many client get a lots trouble on this because the normal mgo board will absorb moisture form the air and rust metal etc...

Why this happen?Because the content of the choride in the board.

Fortunately,we find a best way to solve this problems,it make mgo board a new lease of life.

Chinsun non-choride mgo board solves the scumming problems of the normal mgo board.it's 100% no magnesium chloride .Through the long-term research of Chinsun technicians, new kind of Mgo Board come out. 
Because of the new formula, without chloride, Chinsun board will not scum and turn to yellow after a long time, and the surface will not become wet in rainy days. 
Chinsun is the first one and only one in China who manufacturing this kind of Board.

 *No Sweating                *No Chloride                 *High Strength              *No Formaldehyde