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Surface Coated Fiber Cement Board

Reinforced fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, are used as basic materials, processed by special treatment technology technics; with texture of marble, wood, aluminum plastic board or design of intelligent personality. It can be used and replaced nature marble, MDF, wooden plate, ceramic facing tile and aluminum plastic plate etc. it’s already widely used for exterior wallfacade and interior decorative wall, such as tunnel,subway,airport,marketplace,hospital.office.kitchen,bathroom,lab etc.


Product advantages

Chinsun cement composite panels are manufactured with low energy and high environment consciousness. 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous substances and withoutradiation. It’s fire and water proof, light and hard, Thus theproducts are 100%environmentally friendly. The proprietary processes pioneered by Clean® with special surface treatment offers an increased scratch resistance and a higher UV resistance, sealed edges and back coating ensure optimalbehavior and durability of the panels.