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Know Importance of the Use of Mgo board

These fiber cement sheet ceilings grew 1500% compared to 2013, this is a clear sign that the roof market for fresh construction or total change of damaged roofs, is in search of competitive solutions in cost but with added values that cannot be fame in a traditional zinc roof finished.

The inclemency of the weather, presence of alkalinity in areas near volcanoes, saltpeter of coasts and beaches are factors that considerably deteriorate the roofs. However, in recent years, high-strength materials have positioned themselves in the present market; such is the case of ceilings manufactured with fiber cement sheet technology.

We are a well-known company and leader in the manufacture of this Mgo board & fiber cement sheet technology, affirms that fiber cement sheet roof covers are highly resistant and offer differentiating values that are not incorporated in zinc or metal roofs.

Laboratory tests have shown that with proper maintenance, fiber cement ceilings can last more than 30 years without losing mechanical properties or impermeability, while a metal roof begins to lose its longevity and reflective properties from the early years of installed.

Riva, based in El Salvador, a country that leads the research and development unit of this product, marketed with great success in many countries of the region, affirms that fiber cement sheet ceilings fulfill a higher performance than any other metal.

The fiber cement board technology has as differentiating advantages the in combustibility, reduction of noise, considerable reduction of heat inside the housing unit, reasons that confirm why it can become a strategic ally for construction in the present market.

But this roof also contributes to the safety of those who install it because it is not a conductor of electricity such as zinc or metal, thus reducing the likelihood of an accident by electric shock or even lightning.

It is important to mention that metal sheets refract heat well, but as the year’s progress and they begin to Mgo board, noticeable changes can be noted with the thermo resistance of that material. However, with a fiber cement roof, heat reductions between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius can be generated.