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Chinsun MGO Board Compared to Other Building Materials

Mgo board

In case you haven't heard, there's a new multi-purpose building material available nationwide across the U.S.Chinsun MGO Board is a versatile, eco-friendly Magnesium Oxide Board, also called magnesiom oxide panels or MgO panels, with a wide range of construction applications beginning with the inside for wall, ceiling and subflooring (for example tile backer), and outside for exterior trim, to roof decking and lap siding.

Magnesium oxide board is different than other building materials because it is highly resistant to fire, insects, fungus, mold, mildew and chemicals. It is an environmentally friendly and non toxic product. Use the charts below to compare the applications and features ofChinsun MGO Board to other common building panels. You will find thatChinsun MGO Board offers superior performance in every category compared to other building products.

Chinsun MGO Board is extremely environmentally friendly and consumes less energy compared to similarly used materials to reduce the environmental footprint. It is noncombustible, which helps protect homeowners, tenants and building occupants while mitigating damage and loss.Chinsun MGO Board provides all of these features in one remarkable product.

Chinsun Magnesium oxide board is a technologically advanced, high performance, fully recyclable board used to replace gypsum drywall, fiber cement wallboards, OSB or plywood. The board’s resistance to mold, mildew, fungus and extreme environmental exposure makes it the perfect building material for health-conscious builders and families.

Chinsun magnesium oxide board gains its strength and resistance from very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form magnesium oxide crystals (with the chemical formula MgO).Chinsun MGO Board is a mineral based green building material.Chinsun MGO Board has high moisture resistance and repels mold, mildew and other fungal health hazards. This also means no warping, swelling, or rot when exposed to water or other elements. Because it is resistant to extreme cold or heat, construction can take place in virtually any environment, at any time, and in any season.

Chinsun MGO Board Environmental Benefits:

- Chinsun MGO Board offers excellent impact strength which increases the lifespan of homes and buildings.

- Resistance to fire, mold and insects increases the lifespan of homes and buildings.

- Chinsun MGO Board is a completely recyclable product classified as ‘Nutritional Waste’.

- Leftover material can be ground up and sprinkled into the soil to act as a nutrient.

- Chinsun MGO Board is not made with any toxic materials and is considered landfill friendly.

- Chinsun MGO Board uses a low energy manufacturing process.

- Captures carbon dioxide CO2 during the curing process.